Battlefield V AimBot


Vehicle Names
Aim Prediction Lines
Aim Prediction Warnings
Smoothing Enable/Disable
Smoothing Adjustment
Bone Selection
Aim Key Selection
Aim Target Lock
Radar Scale
Radar Positioning
Motion Sensors
Motion Sensor Detection Radius 
Team Color
Occluded Enemy Color
Visible Enemy Color
Line Width Adjustment
Menu Accent Color
Menu Base Color
Menu TopMost Enable/Disable

New for 4/4/19 Update:
Notification System
3D player boxes
Screenshot Protection
FairFight Activity Warnings

Download HERE
Extract the entire folder to a new directory.
Ensure you have the .NET 4.6.1 runtime installed
Make sure all files aren’t Read-Only or marked as blocked
Start the game
Change the display mode to either Windowed or Borderless (just NOT fullscreen)
Double click BFV Aimbot.exe
Click the Inject button in the top right corner
Change the settings as you wish; happy hacking


This cheat includes no protections against the game’s anticheat. This leaves you vulnerable to Screenshots and other traps. However, return address checks, XOR checks, and ThreadId checks are all mitigated. You will be perfectly fine until a screenshot or other data is requested. Mitigating these is up to you, we won’t post a public bypass.
 It has screenshot protection, and diagnostic fairfight notifications.
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