Fortnite Aimbot – How To


VISUALS:-Names ESP-Distance ESP-Box ESP-Health ESP

WORLD:- Item ESP- Gold Cache ESP- Rare Legendary weapons highlighter- Show last 30 players on minimap

AIMBOT:-Aim at Enemy Players-Autoshoot-Remove Spread -Remove Recoil-Bullet drop (gravity) compensation with sniping rifles-Instant Hit

MISC:-Custom Crosshair-Spectator warning

SETTINGS:-Save and Load Settings

Aimbot works in solo and squad games because it ignores your team members.

Feel free to use it without any stress as this hack can bypass Fortnite Battle Royale anticheat mechanism.

NOTE: This is undetected by game, but you can still get reported with visual proof on official epic forums. But who cares, if you get banned just regenerate a fake hardware ID and create another account as the game is totally free.

No risk of HDD/SSD ban as the hardware ID is spoofed.


1. Download and unrar archieve HERE

2. Run exe installer (WINDOWS) or APK (ANDROID)

3. Start Fortnite using AIMBOT PROGRAM (IMPORTANT)

5. Enjoy

Aimbot is currently undetected with zero ban reports. 
Aimbot is working in squad games as it has friendly-fire protection.

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